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By Sidhanta & Aditi

Recently, the global world has started experiencing some revolutionary political changes. As during the twentieth century, realism and idealism both collided as conceptual rivals for understanding international relations, but the situation kept worsening in this scenario. Throughout history, the maps of nations have changed on account of the existence of various political influentials whether it is through democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. The collision has been considered as a loophole in international relations. In a society with a high plurality, people may have all kinds of belief which can vary from person to person.
Changes in the society have led to the variation over time in patterns of political roles. Today, democracy has changed the mindset of society and the growth in competition in politics has become the major problem.
Therein media has emerged as the essential part of the subject as it plays the game of manipulating the society as we have seen in Spanish-American War and Nigeria propaganda War. The Nazis and Americans
portrayed the best of propagandist war. Nazi Germany introduced the term, “Blitzkrieg” and the American version of a blitzkrieg attack was “shock and awe”. Both actions aimed at achieving mass destruction within enemy’s territory. Such annihilation resulted in the violence of inequality and injustice, that is structural violence which as stated by Winter and Leighton, “embedded in ubiquitous social structures [and]
normalized by stable institutions and regular experience”.
Activists agree that the society needs to reconcile, per say, the three paradox of democracy are the parameters for society and its newly flourishing regulations to be kept within the boundaries of democratic